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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Emory integrates with Taj Mahal

The Great Gate

Taj Mahal mosque
Standing tall
I dont know what was i doing
The Taj Mahal
What I'm wearing  Blazer-Vero Moda,Trousers-Vero Moda,Top-Red route,
Necklace-Colaba Causeway,Watch-Seiko,Sunglasses-YSL

In keeping with the spirit of Emory, I decided to go to Taj Mahal in Agra because of its magnificent white color. The cobalt blue color of the university’s emblem was compensated by my cotton blazer. Taj Mahal is so big that you would really get tired exploring it .So it is really advisable to carry a water bottle and of course don’t miss out on your pair of sunglasses.
The entry to Taj Mahal is through the Great Gate called Darwaza-I-Rauza. It has beautiful carvings and Urdu calligraphy on it. Opposite to the gate is Meena Bazaar where you would find specialties of Agra. Don’t forget to capture a picture of Taj Mahal through the gate. The interior as well as exterior beauty of Taj Mahal is famous worldwide but on a personal front, I found the interiors of the Taj Mahal mosque more fascinating than the interiors of Taj Mahal. On the backside of Taj Mahal you will see river Yamuna. On the banks of this river Shahjahan was getting a monument built in his name. But due to his demise this remained uncompleted.
It was time to go back to Delhi after nearly two hours of exploration of the Taj Mahal. Sadly, we could not visit any other monument. On my way back, I came across certain funny things such as World Trade Centre now open in Noida,  a woman continuously vomiting on the road out of the moving vehicle and names of places such as Transport Nagar. It was a good short break from work & study and a day well spent with my family.
Hope you enjoyed the post!
By Nikita Gupta